Strong Start

Postpartum Progress Inc. is working to give parents a Strong Start in kicking PPD’s duppa. They are asking for our help so that mother’s and families do not need to suffer needlessly. Postpartum depression (& the like) rob families from the Strong Start. You can help in their fundraising- donate here.

I have been typing & deleting for an hour days now because I just cannot stand how I’ve let down Katherine Stone (& my fellow survivors).

I cannot do the work they are achieving justice.

So here’s the thing, go over to Postpartum Progress and see the amazing resources available. This is something you really would want to support.

Look in the top right corner, click through some of the “Six things” series. You will learn that there is help out there for perinatal mood disorders, PPD is treatable, healing is a process, what you can do to shorten recovery, & help for taking care of yourself if you do suffer.

Katherine has mobilized a Warrior Mom Army and has been helping families world wide find information & support to overcome Postpartum Depression. Oh, And all of this has been done selflessly. Can you imagine what more Postpartum Progress (PPI) will achieve with this funding? (it is a non-profit so your money does not go to a person but this incredible cause). Here’s a few hints:

  • a national awareness campaign
  • cool education materials
  • utilizing cool tech to reach moms everywhere (especially those “trapped” inside their house. AKA, me.)

My story- The short of it, I had some serious Postpartum Issues (as I call them). As the doctor called it- PTSD & PPD with Anxiety. I had signs of psychosis, a doctor who coudnt care less, a husband who was stressed himself, and a baby who I thought was the most precious perfect baby (who also cried constantly bc of food allergies & a too early jump-start into the world). I sat at night with a tiny baby attached to my breast in a pile of pillows bc I was too weak and in pain to hold him. Eventually, sitting up at night or hiding in the closet or under the water in a bathtub, wishing it all to stop led me to… where else… web surfing. Lol. (I had called all the numbers in my hospital, insurance, & CBE pamphlets but I didn’t get real people to talk to, & if I did the waking list for more psych appts was 2 months). I started finding clues that I would need much more help than a random RX the untrained in mental health OB could offer.

Postpartum Progress and PSI armed me with a way out of the darkest deepest hole, foggy scary cloud, that my first year as a mother was. I eventually found help and am still finding help. I was no longer in the dark, I could see the sunshine and I could enjoy smiles (and remember them). I even found an OB & midwife team who led me to more treatment.

Their Story– It isnt just me, or whatever preconceived notion of moms who suffer from PPD, you might have about mental health patients. Perinatal Mood Disorders can effect almost anyone so why not learn what to look out for and what we are up against?

I want you to read these symptoms of Postpartum Depression and Anxiety:

Our story- Can you say that you would expect a mom or dad to live one day in ^ that ^ dark hole PPD throws you in… when there is help? Yet, in America alone HALF A MILLION moms go untreated. You can take part, thank you for your help. Please keep spreading the word of Postpartum Progress, Inc.

Thank you, from me.

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In donating you will help Postpartum Progress, Inc. achieve their strong start & the strong start parents & their little ones need.


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