Read this post about avoiding “the sensible” mom hair cut.
I grew my hair long while pregnant to donate. I take extra care I eat balanced & avoid toxic beauty products while pregnant & nursing so it is easier. Plus, for me, my hair starts falling out post Partum do I like getting it cut to make it less obvious. Not to mention doesn’t clog the drains as much w shorter hair lol.
I was so pissed at the stylist though because I asked her to give me a fun and young and hip hair style so counter my boring stay at home mess (& I totally am lame not saying others are) & she scoffed “why don’t moms get dressed up & take care of themselves better. It’s not like they don’t have the time.” & cont about how career women r so busy yet they can stay en mode. My jaw just dropped. She obviously had no clue how demanding being a new mom was not to mention that you aren’t getting paid to look a certain way not are you hardly ever alone in the bathroom to pee let alone brush ur hair.


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Life is Bittersweet. God is love, the rest is minor. Ever evolving. Incorporating the ancient & alien into the home environment.
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