Banned Kid Shows

What shows have you banned in your house?

I’m not talking murder or porn. I’m talking about the worst type of show out there- kid shows that make you cringe.

It’s funny bc I think most of these shows have some redeeming qualities. I’m sure the writers are fab people but I just can’t take having them on in my house. Often I also wonder what the creatir’s goals were (besides to annoy me).

Here is my list of I’d rather stick a fork in my eye than have to watch these kid shows:

Caillou. Need I say more? I have not met a mom or a dad who lets their kid watch this show (or admit to it). I do not want to encourage my children to be more babyish & whiney.

Special Agent Oso. WTF!? The three special steps are so illogical. This cartoon take the simplest of events and makes more difficult tasks. I don’t see that as helpful. Then the bear somehow cant do it? Wah? How do u mess up, put one foot in front of another?

Yo Gabba Gabba- ok, I like the level of involvement in this show. My cousin totally dances & rocks out to this. So its a fun way to learn a lesson & get some exercise.

I DO think it’s a little too trippy for my toddler and I haven’t even done drugs do JFK what it’d be like if I had since acid. (Maybe I’d actually like it then?).

Wiggles- I’m just a bah humbug on this one. Why are Aussie shows always do damn peppy. I’m gonna go paint my nails black & cry in a mirror, I’m just too emo for the Wiggles.

Max and Ruby- this one I don’t really see on Netflix but I can say I’m not a fan of the books. My son is such a good elder sibling, he shares his toys and takes time to explain games to his siter. I think he has great qualities. I don’t want to teach him to be a bully of a big brother. Ruby is very close to bullying. She is so manipulative. It’s not a respectful sibling relationship.

Barney?- I actually like the big purple dinosaur. I’m an imagination dork. And what’s not to love about the amplified kid-actor’s gestures? My aunt use to laugh at me because I sing nursery rhyme after kiddie song afte camp song to anyone willing to listen (or in my nephews’ cases, forced to listen).

The obvious other normal I don’t let my kid watch those shows – anything w too many princesses/barbie or villains or superheroes and bad guys.

I’m one of those nutters that passes on most outfits we get that says princess or tough guy. So hear that in-laws, we don’t want more Mickey Mouse toys or princess dresses lol.

I don’t want my son thinking women are weak and need a prince in shining armor to save weak women. I want him to be comfortable wit strong women without thinking they are bitchy. (I am trying so hard to set the best example
I can, with who I am). I don’t want my daughter think she is entitled to luxury. I don’t want her to think that her outward appearance defines her success.

I know that a four year olds brain can’t comprehend all the grey the world has to offer. However, as parents, we can help guide them through it and teach them empathy. The world isn’t made of good & bad guys, we are all broken people in need of love.

What’s on your annoying kid show list?


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Life is Bittersweet. God is love, the rest is minor. Ever evolving. Incorporating the ancient & alien into the home environment.
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