Defining my Birth Vision


ask your doctor. Tell your doctor. Ask your self

Tell your doctor. Ask your self.

I hardly ever ask my heart what it thinks anymore. As a child my mom constantly tild me to follow my heart. She frames cute little pictures to inspire me. I grew up in a suburban idealistic town where teachers spent energy daring us to shoot for the stars and reach for our dreams. I once really bought-in to all that.

Recently, however I felt betrayed by my heart (amongst other things). I cast away many of my emotions. I felt that my heart led me astray. My brain isn’t all that together either. So I’ve not achieved much with brute work and self-denial.

Then I started getting involved in my local birth community. I constantly heard things about reiki and centering and many other phrases that reminded me of growing up in my christian spiritual little community.

And ya know, I may not think religion is exactly the greatest human institution but without fail I am brought back to the sense that there is a force. In AA they call it a higher power.

I call it God and Spirit. I can’t deny that physics has come up short explaining energy. I mine as well understand that energy is a force and how we manipulate through our spirituality is scientific.

Turns out that my heart is pretty good at following the laws of thermodynamics. that I can listen to!

Listen is what I started doing, promoted by @boldkaren and the many #birthgenius tweeps who constantly blow me away in their compassion armed with information. BOLD’s fear to freedom and birth visionista phone calls have got me listening, literally.

I sat quietly over two days grounding myself. Once I was calm & clear headed I asked my heart what its vision for maternity care was. What was one word to guide me?


Yup, that was the word. Umm? It kept coming back despite wanting to change it. I thought it would be something more profound or maybe the word CALM. But My birth vision word is original.

With my hand in my heart, the word soaked down from above my head into my chest. Original. It was very quiet yet strong.

I normally expect things that are loud and shocking. I tried changing the word to see how it made me feel. Was it calm? Was it empowered? Was it information? As I said other words, the warm feeling diminished. When I’d repeat


the warmth increased and the tension decreased.

The next word that came to me was


. I use that often. I think this is what I or others may bring to the birth vision. This new maternity care system will not be based solely on traditional midwifery or western medicine’s maternity ward hospital factory. Women give birth, not institutions or governments or doctors or midwives or birth advocates.

I asked for a visual. It looked like a bar graph, on the left was homebirth. On the right was hospital birth. Underneath, folkowing the X axis was an almost infinite line representing the new maternity care. It will be a constant line that lies underneath them both. If you tilt your head into the picture, as if between the X& Y axis into Z, you’d see the horixontal line was made of individual blocks, almost like railway ties. These are each women’s birth and each human’s entrance into the world.

How do we get there? What is my mission statement? Purposeful road to more.

What do moms need to do? Priorities.

What would that look like?
Then a very slow line grew from the left which looked like a flow chart or family tree women entering on the left and following the branches in what seemed like their choices or circumstances.

What were these roads or paths? How do I figure them out? Stats.

Seriously, I had no idea. Going into this exercise I thought I’d be picturing tons of words coming at me. There are so many influences available now trough social media that I thought for sure itd be a flashy collage of all of our visions making this huge vision. Isis expect it to be so steady and quite and calm and slow. I thought the pictures if see where of how a hospital would be working. I though I’d see mothers at home with support surrounding them.

Looks like my heart is more tied to my scientific thoughts than I realized.

Heart and brain are not contradictory.

what is your birth vision?



About anderzoid

Life is Bittersweet. God is love, the rest is minor. Ever evolving. Incorporating the ancient & alien into the home environment.
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One Response to Defining my Birth Vision

  1. anderzoid says:

    I should also ask, what is your vision for “birth”/ or the maternity care system?

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