my mom’s mother day request.

Do you give your mom everything she wants for Mother’s Day?

My mom. I love her. She gave birth to me. She raised me. She is a real-life super mom.

The rest is not about how awesome my mom is, just a warning… Sorry mom.

I should be willing to do anything for this women.

  • right
  • ! Right!?!

    Her mother’s day request, I shave my legs. Ummm? Whatever. I agreed chuckling not really thinking she was serious. But I think she really wants me to shave my legs.

    1- why does anyone else care if I shave my legs? Answer: they should not care.

    2- why should I do anything to my body to please someone else. Answer: I should not. My body. My right.

    I know we are just talking about hair.

    But if you would have had to calmly set through the hour of razzing prior to the request, maybe you’d be a little annoyed, too.

    It might be funny if I wasnt put through years of forced body imaging. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t live in toddlers and tiaras. The only funny part is that having hairy legs as a women does kind of make people squeamish. They also kind of label you as some extreme feminist or hippy. I don’t think I am.

    I also kinda like feminists & hippies so whatever.

    I do remember being forced to have my eyebrows tweezed. I Remember every holiday having to listen to my aunts complain about my hair or my looks or my teeth or my goals or my attitude or my fingernails or my armpit hair or my eyebrows or my glasses.

    There is support amongst all the negativity, it is not the kind that is blatant but there are back-handed compliments, too.

    I remember my mom gagging at every girl who had a beer belly or was out of shape. Which in turn made me think (and I still struggle with this) that bulimic tendencies in high school were typical of teenage girls and maybe even to be expected. Yes, teenagers struggle with body image but OMG we should be showing them to understand and thank their body, not hate it. Yes, as a new mom I struggled with accepting my new body but OMG I do NOT need a tummy-tuck, mom!

    So luckily shaving my legs isn’t something painful or alive or idk like the CESAREAN she wanted me to have that was unnecessary.

    It kind of bugs me though because I’ve spent a considerable amount of time over the past four years learning body autonomy. Practicing it has been a very real palpable struggle.

    I don’t think I am going to give my mom what she wants for Mother’s Day.

    Here you are mom, it is me, your daughter. I am a wife. I am a women. I am now a mom. I have a son. I have a daughter. Their bodies are theirs. My body is not yours.


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