Occupy Birth

Per usual, I’m a little late to the start of this but umm, is there a thing called occupy birth? There should be.

Holding this space for women who know healthcare not warfare is a cause the birth world has been standing up for.

Occupy has become almost like a central voice for the many people who continue to take a stand against injustices everywhere.

These demands, chants, dreams, etc that I hear from occupy are so complimentary to the women organizations, mom groups, & birth networks that are out there empowering pregnant families:

Healthcare not warfare.
People not profit.
Another world is possible.
Change is possible.
No more wars on women.

So, lmk if there’s an occupy birth. And thank you to all the many voices who are continually working to make this world a better place.

more to come?

Updated 6/2012:

How about joining a labor day rally. I was so excited about seeing the action packs & work Improving Birth was preparing that I volunteered without realizing I had promised myself not to take on another commitment I couldn’t umm… Commit to, lol. So, hoping to make some time & pull myself together to join in the US National rallies on Labor Day

The Labor Day Rally for change is September 3, 2012 10am-noon.

Improving Birth’s National Rally is still in need for a cordinator in Chicagoland. September 3, 2012 10am -noon.

Whatdaya say, any ICANers willing to head this up, their action packs are really wonderful.



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