What I’ve gotten from (christian) religion

Going back to the how I’d get here, anyways… and what keeps me coming back. Today: Evangelical Christianity.

Spending mother’s day with a bunch of cool kids & adults at the People’s Summit really got me thinking. What the heck have I gotten from the religion?

Sitting there with an array of human’s with an array of backgrounds and an array of beliefs felt like a more well-rounded erosion of what I always pictured church to be like.

I participate in Christianity & follow it’s core values (that might be a stretch). I guess I should say I really dig Jesus’ method’s and teachings teachings. The idea of a higher power and creator really clicks as a world view. I believe in right and wrong. I see there is a moral standard that all cultures touch on. I think all humans are equal.

Oh! That last bit, I know all humans are equal. Yeah that.

Hmm, doesn’t seem like religion holds that up. In fact, from my very limited studies of religion it seems that there is actually an ernest attempt to separate humans.

Beyond that, religion has been used over and over to keep certain people submissive. It has been used recently to keep blacks as slaves, women as second-class, gay or variant sex orientations and genders as unequal sinners, the ill as outsiders, victims as outcasts, and different as heathens.

That does NOT sound like loving God is a priority. That does not sound like loving people is the priority. Isn’t all life precious? Aren’t we supposed to be making connections?

So WTF am I doing clinging on to the evangelical Christian church thing where war and inequality is often celebrated?

I guess there are way more reasons than what I could fit in this little letter to no-one. There are a few things I can be thankful to being raised in an evangelical Christian church. (obviously not all groups represent everyone so I’m only speaking from my experience. Duh, that’s why its a blog).

Do here’s my right off the top of my head list of (good) things I’ve learned from being raised in a church-

Love rules.
Love God. Love People.
Every choice counts in the fight against good or evil.
Life is a journey.
We are all in it together.
Life is not fair. Grace.
Gifts are free.
Things do not make you happy.
Make space.
Take time to connect.
Listen. Wait. Be.
Respect other’s work.
We are stewards of the Earth.
Everything we have is a gift, to be shared, it is not our own.
All life is precious.
Be slow to anger.
Think about each-other’s interests.
Laws are meant to follow natural order, like a warning about consequences.
Free will. Choice. Love is free.
Truth. (seek it)
Always question authority.
Recognize wisdom of elders.
Take care of those who cannot help themselves.
Protect the innocent.
Be honest in everything.
Be thankful. Give thanks.


About anderzoid

Life is Bittersweet. God is love, the rest is minor. Ever evolving. Incorporating the ancient & alien into the home environment.
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