Share Love. Contrast Hate.

Trigger warnings: The links describe violent assault.Please feel free to pray and share your replies of encouragement but not continue reading. Be kind to yourself and others.

Share Love. Contrast Hate.

We are raising awareness to help with the immediate needs of the victims of the Grand Rapids home invasion. We will also be gathering resources and donations for their long term recovery.

At this time, names have remained anonymous. GRPD is investigating. The party who robbed the occupants were not caught. If you know the parties involved we ask that you respect their privacy/protection/anonymity. Call the police if you have information!

” Detectives are hoping someone with information will call in a tip. Anyone with information about these crimes is asked to call Silent Observer at (616) 774-2345. ”

Love filled replies will be gathered and sent to the families. (Please be aware of victims’ and families’ protection by not using full names and keeping them anonymous when sharing publicly).

If you’d like to send a message of hope, encouragement, and compassion please comment below/reply back. Mark both ends of what you’d like added to the card we will be sending with:
Share Love- … your message… -Share Love.

      • Share Love. Contrast Hate.


      GR MI home invasion and sexual assault victims’ recovery fund:

      •Comments will be collected and our message of love, encouragement, hope, support will be sent to the families and victims:

      •The story:

UPDATE *5/7/13

      •Share Love. Contrast Hate. Twitter search:


We can be a contrast to the frightening experience. This was a violent crime, such hate-filled assaults should never happen in this world. So please, keep any hateful comments out of this.

Let’s share love, not hate.


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Life is Bittersweet. God is love, the rest is minor. Ever evolving. Incorporating the ancient & alien into the home environment.
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2 Responses to Share Love. Contrast Hate.

  1. Shattered idealist says:

    Here is an example of a message I’ll be sending…

    Share Love-
    I am sending my love to you. Please know that there are strangers like me who wish you well.
    – Share Love.

  2. anderzoid says:

    Reblogged this on Shattered Idealist and commented:

    The smile of the rapists makes me sick. Having to use a lot of will power to remain positive and shift those negative thoughts unto something productive, like, being grateful that the truth is out?, that justice is served?, that there are people out there who condemn such violence?, whatever it is, contrasting the hate and violence. Update on the case: 3rd man pleads guilty:

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