The dependence of Pee Accuracy on Age.

Pee Accuracy (urine *in* the toilet) vs Age

My observations of urine flow accuracy from having a toddler boy, a middle aged husband, and grandpa in the house.

As you can see there is a very steep incline of pee accuracy during the toddler years.

My son and I had a bathroom to kitchen conversation yesterday,

Son: ::pssst, pause, pssst, pause, psst::
Me: Hey, what are you doing in there?
Son: I’m having fun! playing with my penis, i can open and close it. Stop and go.
Me: oh, ok then. Finish up and wash your hands.

(later we talke about how it’s good to let your body eliminate itself without force and ha a talk w my daughter about UTI’s.) They are 4 and 2! šŸ™‚

I had a brother. I was an athlete and used the boy’s locker room off season. I know what’s ahead. Urine games. I mean my almost 5 year old already has hooting contests in the bushes with the neighbors, it’s gonna get fun in a few years. Or funny. And, messy.

Then there is this time, yeah
when you get married
or have room mates and
wherever your bathroom habits are
no matter how gross or hygienic
it seems that you just skate on through.

Maybe a little bump up of actually peeing in the toilet or putting the seat down every once in a while to appease a feminine figure. But that’s it, you’ve reached the height of your pee in toilet accuracy.

I imagine there’s a decline of caring or control at some point as you get older. And then you hit senile and start wearing diapers again so you’re back to where you started.

So there you have it, the circle of life told through potty habits. You are welcome.

Our bit of unschooling today was graphing. Some
Basics graph stuff:
– X axis is the horizontal, Y axis is vertical (y to the sky)

– X axis is independent. Y axis is dependent

– Title a graph Y vs X

– Label your axis, labels what units you are measuring it with …

From scratch

– collect data (even if it’s pretend lol like I did here. ((pretend doesn’t work in science but u might get away with it in business, jk )) )

-define parameters

– graph data, don’t connect dots, draw line of best fit.

-figure out what the hell it means

-impress your friends by actually analyzing data and evidence.

XO biological nanny



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