Freedom For Birth, Illinois

Thank you for your service, I know you have supported legislation in the focus of restricting taxpayer money going to women services. Would you consider an approach where you support individuals’s human rights related to birth? I look to you for guidance as I have no legal training. A bit on why this is importantnto me- in Illinois the hospital policies have created a hostile enviornment that is not condusive to safe childbirth. Add to that hospital policy, often concocted ny insurance, is making procedures that are unnecessary to become common and therefore we have women and children who are being harmed. I was harmed and so was my son bc of this protocol. Interventions that left me with 2.5 years of PTSD and a cesarean that m y doctor said was bc its getting late, running out of time that led to 5 years of scar tissue treatment. Wondering why a “happy mother, healthy baby” kept being said to me while my son was in the nursery and I was most definitely not happy bc of this birth I looked for a safer option for my second birth, which would be labeled VBAC by the OB’s who’d id interview. VBAC means vaginal birth after cesarean, which has statistaically same/sim risks as first time mothers. But bc insurance companies and OB’s had decided they couldtnt risk covering someone who had a scar from a cesarean birth, I was left with only 3 choices for practices in chicagoland that could attend my birth with the care of a birth porfessional who had been trained in natural physicological birth (obs are trained to be surgeons and are for high risk situations). There was only one CNM, certified nurse midwife in oura tea who could atttend homeninrths for VBAC moms like myself, and with 30% of women haveing cesareans, 15pts up from WHO’s suggestion for a healthy birth environment, lots of moms were looking for providers and not finding many who practiced in support of mtoher and baby friendly procedures. I was told to “stay home as long as possible” by doctor after doctor in referring to how to plan for a successful birth. but bc there are not licensed CPM’s in IL, there was nooone toaccompany me in labor at home. As you can see, thisdoesnt make much sense when there are planty of midwives who could haveused their expertise and medical knowledge to ensure I was only staying home if it were safe for my baby and myself. There seems to be so much we can do to help create a better enfviorment for better birth outcomes, everything from change how medical schools teach about birth, to teaching women about birth, to licensing midwives. I just need help in figuring out what can be done and how and there are lots of women organizeing in ILLinois, many women protesting, many women working to make this happen. Thank you for whatever help you can provide, and thank you for your future support of women _sarah glover #freedomforbirth #occupybirth


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