I’m not gonna go as far to call this birth art or art therapy. There are trained artists out there who I’d rather not offend. However, I do have this belief that art is the expression of our soul. That’s what these are, just my raw soul searching.

Birth art was first introduced to me through Anthropology. As I entered this awesome child bearing stage I reconnected with the cultures who had left there mark on the world. After my cesarean in 2007, I was emotionally shattered. My body was experiencing the trauma of the cesarean but my intellectual and spiritual parts of me were having a hard time working through the healing. Heck, I think it was a good year before I could rally step with my whole self into the journey of healing. That’s where A local blogger led me to ICAN and I found a sisterhood of the cesarean scar.

Pam England’s Birthing from Within was a go-to suggestion to prepare for VBAC. I found pages full of childbirth education but I also found exercises to help me prepare for and decompress from birth. It’s been explained To me that labor is one of those spiritually artistic times where the right and left brain-ness do not communicate well. Birth art exercises in Birthing From Within allowed me to express myself, almost unlocking what seemed subconscious, so I could then reams luxe the events. What had taken me 9 months of therapy to realize was suddenly becoming obvious with 15min of play.

My son, born by c-section, became a toddler, a big brother, and now a kindergartener. His sister a preschooler. We regularly use visualization to explain the feelings we are experiencing. Crayons, paint, markers, chalk, iPad doodles are pretty non-threatening!

Even with Maum subtraction helping to release the negative energy into this black hole in the universe, the memories often come back to me strong enough that it is as if my body is feeling it again. So for now, i document the colors and words and reactions I have to events. That is it, close my eyes and scribbleon my canvas exactly what i feel.


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